At home on Goat Wool Socks…

Day 2

Mood: 9

Desperation: 1

Frustration: 1

Good evening,

it is 12:13 a.m. My first day of isolation was O.K. Started with my blog and my homepage. That took a while.

What else? Had a lot of red wine, reacted to some messages, thought about life and such…

Foto door cottonbro op

What really made this day worthwile: Dennis, my upstairs neighbour, dropped by. With tobacco! Whooohooo. So I’ll have enough for tomorrow morning, for sure! Gotta ask Johan if he’ll buy me some more…

Anyways, Dennis was sitting on my bench outside – I was sitting on my couch inside. Talking through the window wasn’t easy at times, but, well, better than nothing, right? From this moment on I shall watch myself not using too many exclamation marks, by the way! Whoopsie… that’s what my neighbour said… they kinda make me sound “angry” or something?

Talking to someone other than myself was great! Gonna watch another episode of my serie, drink wine and then go to bed!

See y’all later!

03:22 a.m.

Yes, yes, I’m still up… been watching some video clips and reading some articles. And then it hit me – something else I wanna share with y’all!

Fun facts! Did you know that:

Foto door Aleksandar Pasaric op
  • I have not been allowed (or able) to use public transportation ever since masks have become mandatory?
  • I don’t have a car? I do own a bike…
  • I’m one of those people that actually enjoy the safe-distancing thing? Never liked people getting too close to me wherever – especially those breathing down my neck when I’m standing in line somewhere and can’t stop thinking: “Dude! Less garlic next time, please!” or “No! I really don’t want you to hug me!”
  • I will have been in isolation for 45 days this year?
  • I am diagnosed with heavy depressions?
  • asked the local health department for help for my isolation? They did not react…
  • I contacted the “Guinness book of world records” to set up a “longest isolation for nothing” world record? And that they did react?

Whatever… gonna watch one more episode and head straight to bed… Maybe I’m a little tired…

Mood: 7

Desperation: 0

Frustration: 6

Spreek jullie later!

For those of you who find it interesting, some links:

It’s only ten days…

12:39 p.m.

Foto door Jordan Benton op

I was lying in bed this morning, thinking: hey, I could use my time in isolation to go buy a present for my girlfriend… oh no… not allowed to…

I live next to a charity store, well, where you can donate your stuff for a good cause. This morning I heard a woman saying: “What a nice lamp!” And I thought, oh, I wanna go to the shop – maybe I’ll find something nice?

Then I remembered the time – those sunny warm days – where I sat outside on my bench. That happend a lot, you know? I got to get to know nearly all of my neighbours from my street this way.

Just sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, coffee, my “tiny garden” and life in general. Watching all those people donating their stuff. Tables, couches, benches, cupboards, pianos, books, shoes… the list goes on and on. Everything for a good cause.

And now and then you came across those “glowing” people – know what I mean? There are those among us that have a very strong solarplexus chakra! They give light and warmth to the world and are in synch with the energy flowing around them.

So, when there are two of those people meeting each other – at least that’s my hypothesis – they can “feel” it… getting distracted here… anyways, what I actually was going to say is that I got loads of stuff for free from them. Just like that! A bench and a bike for my godchild, Cd’s, books, records, flowerpots, guitars…

That’s what I was thinking about lying in my bed this morning…

It’s cold outside. But I could sit on my bench with a blanket. Maybe I will do just that? Still have eight days and six hours to go. Enough time.

I did open my front door! Just little bit of fresh air can do no harm. And my groceries are going to be delivered in a second.

01:14 p.m.

The Universe seems to have fun today! Groceries just arrived! A very nice delivery guy. Our conversation went something like this:

GWGWS: “I need to inform you that I am in isolation! I was being naughty and went to a risk area!”

DG: “That’s Ok. I’m wearing a mask. But thank you so much for telling me! Most people say nothing and just cough and sneeze…”

GWGWS: “Oh, I’m not sick. Just have to isolate myself, hahaha.”

DG: “Do you have anything you want to return? (I shake my head) That’s it then!” (takes out his pin machine)

GWGWS: “Maybe it’s better if you put it on there? (I say, pointing at my table outside). I’m gonna wash my hands real quick.”

DG: “No worries! I got desinfection in my car.”

GWGWS: “Cool. Look at us following the rules they came up with.”

DG: “We sure do!”

I tick in my password, the delivery guy keeps a safe distance of two meters.

GWGWS: “Thank you so much and have a very nice day!”

DG: “You too and have a good isolation…”

That was a blast! Thank you, nice delivery guy! Another one of those solarplexus people, I think, the energy was good… even though he had a mask on.

Well, back to business. Cup of coffe, cigarette, letting my thoughts wander a little and unpacking groceries.

See y’all later!

01:26 p.m.

Whoopsie… nearly forgot:

Mood: 9

Desperation: 0

Frustration: 5

Today’s “to do” list:

Foto door Breakingpic op
  • translate blog to English
  • thank Regina for sending me a very positive message
  • making plans for further actions
  • sew a yellow star
  • prepare singing lessons
  • sit on couch with Anna and stare out of window at people
  • use less exclamation marks (!)

See y’all later!

03:26 p.m

Know what? I think I’m just not intelligent enough – been spending hours to try and work on my homepage. I thought I’d just translate it right quick. Translating it’s not the problem… to link it and design it is causing me problems… it just does not work.

And why is he putting my English blog on my Dutch site? Hmm…

See y’all later!

04:00 p.m

Foto door Buchkiste op

Ok, I give up for today! I don’t get how to make and design a homepage… maybe I’ll work on it later again, but not now.

What’s on that to do list again?

Singing lessons! Nearly forgot about those. So, it’s four p.m. now – whoops, no wine for now… better… but then again not really.

Oh yes, gotta thank Regina and plan further actions. Just keep busy and not think about this strange situation…

Don’t let your pretty pink bubble burst, Luisa! Here, have some Wodka with me!” 

Anna (Left, the Musical

See y’all later!

04:22 p.m.

Tears… the first tears since I went into isolation…

I am reading a call to come into action from someone and I cannot stop crying. My pink bubble got a bad crack and reality is flooding in…

I am being punished. Punished, because I cannot and will not adjust to the new reality. Because I’m a human being with feelings and needs. Because I want nothing more than to see my friends and family again. Go outside, go to Germany, visit my captain in Amsterdam!

It’s not possible! It’s not allowed! And I am in pain, just because I am different… different than the rest…

Foto door Kat Jayne op

A wave of despair is crashing down on me! My whole body just won’t stop shaking, tears are bursting out. And I’m thinking: “It is all my fault! Why can I not keep quiet? Why am I different from the rest? Why do I always have to stand up for my rights? Why can’t I wear that freaking mask?”

It’s only ten days… that’s what everybody keeps telling me… only ten days, darling. And then you can return to reality. Then you can get out of this prison…

And when those ten days are over? Am I really going to be free again? What does freedom even mean at the moment?

Am I going to be free to travel? Sure, if you had a car – cause you are not allowed to use public transportation.

Am I going to be free to see my friends? Of course, if it’s not more than one and if you keep a safe distance of one-and-a-half metres.

Am I going to be free to see my family? Well, that depends on your definition of family… your godson and girlfriend, of course! If you are going into isolation in Germany for ten to 14 days and then again in the Netherlands for yet another ten days… which will actually be the same for the rest of your family…

Am I free to go shopping, do groceries? Come on now, that is a very silly question! Yes you are – unless masks become mandatory… then they can refuse to let you in, you know… “huisrecht” – house rules and such. And there may be some people reacting to you – but, well – you gotta understand them… they are being scared…

Mood: 0

Desperation: 10

Frustration: 10

Just sent my singing teacher a message – I hope I can postpone the lesson…

05:10 p.m.

Ok… feeling better again. Excuse me. Bandaid on bubble and done!

Let’s focus on the good things that happened today!

I was able to postpone my singing lesson. Anna-MS (the one from Münster, not the one sitting on my couch) just sent me the sweetest audio message! Regina forwarded a “message of hope”. Lily is able to read my blog in English. The delivery guy was nice.

I will go work again in two weeks! Yaaay! I got enough wine for some days.

And most important: I am persistent! Nothing will break me or put me down if I won’t let it! I can reach anything I want!

So, back to business. Wine, cigarettes and being rebellious!

How much money do I have left on my bank account? I have some funny video clips I’d like to share with ya’ll… gotta let you see them tomorrow if everything’s gonna work out. I’ll have a less complicated homepage adress then, too.

So much to do and only seven days and.. hold on…

Ten days equals 240 hours.

Been in isolation since monday, 06:30 p.m… today’s wednesday, 05.24 p.m. So that makes it 24 hours (mo-tue) plus 23 hours (tue-now)… 47 hours. 240 – 47 = 193 hours! C’mon, that is not that bad!

Mood: 5

Desperation: 2

Frustration: 5

See y’all later!

06:09 p.m

Outside a father is passing by with his kids:

Dad: “Look at how pretty this is! Close to the park in the dark, all those little lights!”


Luisa: “Oooh, Anna, I love you! Thank you!”

Mood: 8

Desperation: 2

Frustration: 5

See y’all later!

07:06 p.m.

What’s that? Sitting there at my computer and hearing my mail box clanking… mail?

*plop* *plop*


From Johan! And tobacco! Yaaay! Maybe I will survive this! Thank you, dear Johan!

Mood: 7

Desperation: 1

Frustration: 2

07:35 p.m. (191 hours to go)

Darn! My favorite neighbour fell off her bike and is in intensive care – induced sleep… I have to stop complaining… there are much worse things in this life…

I cannot comment on this…


08:30 p.m. (190 hours to go)

Got a message from Anna-MS!

Foto door Rahul Pandit op

Anna-MS: “Just got a small fright from myself! Sitting here, watching Gilmore Girls. They are going to a concert and there is this scene with loads of people standing in front of the concert building… and I’m thinking: “Whoa! That’s a lot of people standing so close to each other!” Unbelievable what my head’s doing, right?”

GWGWS: “I know, right? I got that so often when I’m watching a series – someone is shaking someone else’s hand and I’m thinking – Huh? Or loads of people close to each other and I’m like – HUH? Seriously! Unbelievable what those times are doing to us – cool! Just got something else for my blog!”

Now, time for my series. Did I mention what it’s called? “UnREAL”…

See y’all later!

10:16 p.m. (188 hours to go… something like that)

Did you notice something, too? There are so many facts! What do I mean? Well, look at a post on social media or wherever – it starts off with a question or hypothesis. Followed by: “Here are the facts!”

Ok, I’m gonna give you an example – it could go like this:

Umbrellas? Do they actually protect you?

Here are the facts!

The “pro-umbrella” group says:

  • if you open them and walk under them they will keep away the rain! You will not get wet.
  • if you don’t open them and walk under them you will still not get wet!
  • we have asked people that use an umbrella when it is raining. Most of them say that they will not ever go without an umbrella again because they do help.
  • a study shows that people going without an umbrella when it’s raining are on the average wetter than those that do use an umbrella!

The opposition says:

  • if it’s not raining you will not get wet if you don’t use an umbrella! This clearly shows that umbrellas do not protect you from getting wet!
  • what the “pro-umbrella” group’s not factoring in is the “windfactor”! A study shows that people using an umbrella are on the average just as wet as those not using one in areas with a wind speed from 3 bft up!
  • another study shows that people are using an umbrella more often when it is rainging! Ergo: umbrellas are useless!

Hmm… I think they kinda both make sense in some ways…

Mood: 9

Desperation: 2

Frustration: 5

See y’all later!

11:48 p.m. (187 days to go)

Foto door Peter Klauss op

Day two is coming to an end. I am tired.

Been talking to Ton, my captain. Just as Regina, he told me that he will immediately visit me if my desperation/frustration ratio is getting too high…

Well, finally going to watch that serie… just had no time for it, yet.

Mood: 8

Desperation: 1

Frustration: 2

Take care,

the Girl with Goat Wool Socks

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