Always good to have more than one pair of goat wool socks…

Day 3

Good morning,

it is 01.45 a.m. and I still have not started watching that serie. Well.. come to think of it… I have not eaten anything except some peanuts…

Foto door Anna Shvets op

Made another mistake. Regina sent me foto’s and video clips of my time with them… three weeks… can you see it coming?

So, that’s what I’ve been looking at since I wrote the last blog here.

And I miss them badly! I know that it was right to go there! When I see at that godchild of mine – the way he looks at me – how we interact – I just know that it was good to have been there. Zoom, facetime, whatsapp, whatever. Us three in those weeks – that is all that counts and I will gladly de those 24 days or 576 hours of isolation over and over again


Mood: 6

Desperation: 1

Frustration: 6

See y’all later!

11:16 a.m. (165 hours to go)

Mood: 9

Desperation: 0

Frustration: 0

While I was lying in bed I thought: Shall I just do a pyjama day today? Why even bother putting on clothes?

Right now I’m looking at my curtains – can barely look outside. Anna sitting on my couch drinking Wodka… staring through the closed curtains. So I decided to put on clothes cause then I can open them. For Anna!

Maybe I’ll have a shower, too? Wow! Don’t get ahead of myself! Still have 165 hour to go – I have to Zal ik misschien ook gaan douchen? Wow! Moet niet overdrijven! Ik heb nog 165 uren te gaan – gotta be thrifty with things I wanna do.

I remember the first time I was in isolation! Went great until day five or something like that. When I started I was just busy doing stuff I normally had no time for. Making lots of music, watching videos, gaming, tidying up, cleaning…

Did way too much way to fast! I did not expect this – but even I cannot keep doing the same stuff for four days over and over and over again. It gets boring really quickly. And then there you are – on day five – half time – and you just don’t know what to do anymore. Locked up. Alone.

Foto door cottonbro op

At that moment the front door appears to be closer than it is. The roof seems to come crashing in – ha! Seriously!

But now I’m kinda an “isolatie pro”! Hey, I mean: 36 days already done this year! And this time I’m gonna start with writing my blog and watching some series. And when that gets boring I’ll go make music and watch series. And after that I’ll start gaming and watch series and make music.

Now and then take a shower and put on some pretty clothes. Little bit of make up, facial, pedicure. Gotta do a spa day in those 240 hours of isolation, too!

Well, putting on clothes now and making coffee!

See y’all later!

12:03 p.m. (164 hours to go)

I was just thinking… oh! Already forgot what it was! Oh well…

12:06 p.m.

Foto door Beatriz op

Swiped the leaves in front of my door. Hey, I am allowed to do that! Read that at the GGD or RIVM or wherever! Not that it specifically says that you are allowed to remove leaves from your driveway… but well… whoops, getting distracted again…

There was no one on the street when I went. And, ok, my broom’s outside, but people need to leave that alone! He’s mine – my precious… my birthday present… eh… something like that…

Clear blue sky, the sun is shining. This is gonna be a beautiful day – I just know it! Maybe everyone else is right and those 240 hours of isolation are not that bad at all?

See y’all later!

12:10 p.m.

Foto door Jens Johnsson op

YAAAAY, wheeeeeheeee! My first follower! Wow! Sorry, Dennis, all those exclamation marks…

Now, coffe standing ready – back to business! Translate! Then Lily can read what I’ve written and who knows? Maybe some other “notdutchspeakingpeople” will read it, too?

See y’all later!

03:42 p.m. (161 hours to go)

Did it! I figured out how! Now I have an English homepage too!

Only gotta link it and translate it. Whohoooo!

Even the fact that my upstairs neighbours – or the dinausors – are back can not ruin my day now!

“I am king of the hill! I am king of the hill!”

Peter (Left – the Musical)

See y’all later!

06:55 p.m. (158 hours to go)

Actually, I don’t really have to say anything…

Homepage and first couple of days are translated and online.

Officially got the title of “queen of the smoothies”… psssssssst, Bert! Don’t tell anyone that I did that myself…

No what? No idea…

See y’all later!

07:35 p.m. (something like 157 hours to go)

Ok… I know, I know… I said that it wasn’t important to me who reads or does not read my diary…

Foto door John-Mark Smith op

I changed my mind… it does matter… I confess! I do have a follower!

But maybe, just maybe… if you got time and nothing else to do… maybe you wanna leave a comment here? A peanut or something?

You don’t have do… don’t feel pressured…

See y’all later!

10:10 p.m. (153 uren to go)

Foto door Mikey Dabro op

It’s not that it is really boring… don’t get me wrong… Playing some games, watching some series, cooking… whatever you do in every day life…

Don’t even wanna see anyone at the moment.

It’s just… how can I explain it? The front door is still very much closed…

Maybe it’s because “normally” – at those moments – I would go to my favorite pub with Johan.

Maybe it’s because “normally” I would invite people to come over…

Not allowed to do that anymore…

Mood:10 Despration:0 Frustration:0

See y’all later…

11:46 uur (152 hours to go)

Another day done!

Foto door Aaron Burden op

Thank you everyone, really, thank you! You don’t know how much it means to me, knowing that you are reading my journal!

Hermannus, Jakob, Anna, Johan en Bert… I probably forgot the rest… But you are those people that have been helping me the most today.

Thanks again!

Take care,

the Girl with Goat Wool Socks

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