Try Walking in My Goat Wool Socks

Day 4


It’s late… or early… depends on how you look at it.

Yesterday was a fun, sunny day.

I have only… I don’t know… and to be honest? What does it matter? Just nothing really matters anymore at the moment… My pink bubble got another crack.

Fact is: it’s friday! Counting down hours helps. Counting down hours instead of days is kinda less awful. Plus it does make sense in a way…

You see: counting down hours instead of days is like – you have to sleep for like six to ten hours… that adds up, you know!

But still – it’s only friday!

Wednesday – I can open my front door again. On wednesday I’m allowed to go outside again. On wednesday I will go more than six steps – wherever I want to go! Woensdag mag ik mijn voordeur open doen. Hehe… if I don’t go to another risk area, that is…


Sounds like a fantasy! Like very yummy cany or ice cream – somthing that a child is craving to have! What’s gonna lie there under the Christmas Tree (no, Johan, not the ice cream, it’s gonna melt…)


You know those people? The ones that say that time’s just really flying by so fast? Tempus fugit

To be honest, I never understood that. Plus, I have to admit: I would really love to change places with them at the moment!

Imagine – if time acutally just flew by… and I went to bed right this instance... and I awoke… and it’s already wednesday…


But, oh well… I’m just little old me… and I wonder… would I honestly want that? Just skip the next five days?

Even though I’m locked up at home? Even though I’m desperate and angry and alone? Even though I feel abandoned by everyone… even though I’m fighting agains all my inner demons…



I love my slow days. My life’s made of days that are like chewing gum.

Why are my days so much slower than those of others? I know that I’m thinking way slower, that I am a very slow person. Could that be the reason?

Ok, getting distracted yet again… whatever…


See y’all later!

03:50 uur

Just chatting to Lily… and I wonder… Anna lives in Münster… Regina lives in Bremen…

Whe can Anna go visit Regina or Regina can visit Anna – and they don’t have to go into isolation?

I live in Groningen… why do Anna or Regina have to go into isolation for a total of 20 days if they wanna come visit me?

Why don’t my neighbors or friends (or anyone living in the Netherlands for that matter) – why do they not have to go into isolation when they come visit me after, like, when the went to town? Town’s a risk arear, too, isn’t it? As soon as you leave your house – don’t you go into a risk area?

“[Luisa] – if all of Europe has become a risk area – does that not mean that we can travel freely again? “

Anna (Münster)

I guess I am too stupid – again – to understand it…

Another crack in my pink bubble…

Mood: 2 Desperation: 7 Frustration: 8

See y’all later!

03:04 p.m.

Dinosaurfemale is back… why oh why? It was so nice and quiet! If she is staying in isolation at home, too, it’s gonna be a horro trip for me!

Don’t feel like anything today.


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