Sense and… goat wool socks…

Good evening,

gonna write more tomorrow. Just had to share this video with you! Thanks, Regina!

Hello there,

well, I did not write anything yesterday… so here it comes.

It was a very good and positive day for me. As you might already know, I work in the gastronomy – making juices and smoothies most of the times.

Plus – and I know you know this – I got an excemption from wearing a mask.

So, there I stood at work, before the doors went open – just “in the flow”, working in my pretty pink bubble. Trying not to think, just do.

Foto door Pixabay op

And yes, there they were. The first questions seeping into my brain, such as: “How are the guests gonna react to me? Friendly? Anxious? Mean?”

To cut it short: the atmosphere was very positive! Only one of – I don’t know how many – guests was a little “grumpy”. Rest was same old same old. Friendly and nice.

And I am still so happy about it! Maybe I was worrying too much? Are Dutch people different than Germans? Not saying that they are all the same. But can Dutch people accept “those who are different” more easily?

Well, the world outside my bubble has grown a little. I’m able to leave my house easier – without getting a panick attack before I even open my front door. Just go to the grocery store? Ok… that’s a bit fast… should not want too much too soon.

Plus – I realized something else. Was standing there, making orange juice, when a lady came in – not wearing a mask. Caught myself thinking: “Whoooaaaah! That’s not allowed!” Seriously? Me thinking that?

Well, dear Luisa, I thought. Are you now able to understand “the other side” a little better? Imagine how they feel when you enter a shop! Why those you have been judging so easily react the way they do to you – like, how you reacted to the lady? From now on I will do my best to remember just that. Never forget that it is indeed strange to see someone not wearing that thing. It is mandatory!

Having said that I would like to ask my friends and other fellow human beings to do something for me: Will you please, please stop trying to rescue me? Help me? Worry about me? Will you refrain from telling me: “Don’t take it so hard!” Or: “Don’t worry so much!” Or even worse: “People are people, you will not change that!”

It’s like this: I will never, ever be able to do that. I can try to change the colour of my eyes just as much as stop empathising with others. To be honest – I like that about myself. I like the fact that I try to help others, make them feel better, give them hope. I like myself being stubborn, trying to be different than the rest, just being myself. I want to make someone else’s life better, give them back all the pretty colours of the world, a ray of hope.

Foto door Foodie Factor op

At work yesterday an older gentleman – maybe 70 plus – came in. He bought a cup of soup – stood there at the cash register and asked shyly: “I’m probably not allowed to eat it here?” That literally broke my heart! You get me? This nice man had to go home and eat his soup there – alone? Or somewhere outside? On the street? He’s not able anymore to sit with others, just chatting, having fun, make some jokes and letting go of the fact that he might be all by himself?

Are you, again, thinking: “Luisa, don’t worry so much! Times are just the way they are. You won’t change others…” Please don’t say that to me. My whole world will fall apart again and my pink bubble will yet again get another crack…

‘Cause – I’ll immediatly start thinking: “Will I, from now on and until the rest of my days – have to live this way? Crying – just because I will constantly live in fear? Getting a panick attack just because of the mere fact that I have to go to the store? Trying to be strong over and over again? Neglect my anxiety? Will I never ever be able to give my friends a hug or touch them again? Will I never again be allowed to shake hands with anyone or give those “three kisses”? Never again sit there in my pub? Never again karaoke nights? Never again be able to live spontaniously – use public transportation?”

Foto door ATC Comm Photo op

I just can’t… I just won’t! But how will life like this ever change if we won’t learn to be human beings again? Accept the pain we feel? Not push it away?

Yes, I am a highly sensitive person. That’s a fact. Can you accept me the way I am?

And if you are able to do just that – maybe you will realize something else about me? Regina, one of my very best and closest friends, told me something yesterday that I had not thought about.

She said: “Luisa, take a good look at yourself, please! You are such a strong person! You are going to work! You are standing there without a mask! And you will keep on doing just that!”


the Girl with Goat Wool Socks!

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is bildschirmfoto-2020-12-05-um-20.44.42.png

Letting someone die alone is a sign of real love!
Real freedom is only taking place in isolation!
Thinking for yourself is a danger for the wellbeing of society!
Vaccination is taking care of another!

Avoid closeness for allways!

Betray those next to you!
Keep a distance from now on and for always!
Sacrifice everything from now on for hygiene!
Protect the unborn!
Refrain from reproduction!
Wear a mask from now on and always!
Betray your fellow human beings!
Wear a mask for always!

Surrender to reality!

Opposition to vaccination has no rights!
Disown those who deny a mask!

That is real solidarity!
Do your best not to get infected!
Total sterilisation!

Prevent infections!
Bodily contact will only cause harm!
Only isolatin is safe!
Wear a mask for eternity!

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is bildschirmfoto-2020-12-05-um-20.51.39.png

Bodily contact causes pain!
Secure the non born!
Our breath is deadly!
You are only safe in total isolation!
Always follow the rules!
Vaccination is caring!

Prevent bodily contact!

Refrain from reproduction!

Always keep a distance from now on!
Sacrifice everything that makes you a human being!
Sacrifice everything for hygiene!
Protect the ones you love!
Leave them in isolation!
Protect the unborn!
Refrain from reproduction!

Welcome to our new reality. With those words I’ll go to bed.

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