Goat wool socks on the edge…

Hello there,

so, after I have lost total control of my sanity (nothing new here), my brain (still old news) and my body (now you’re talking) I decided to write a new blog.

I am calling it: “Diary of an insane person” or “Left – the Musical (behind the scenes)”.

This is mainly for myself, so here the warning:

If you keep on reading you will probably lose your mind, too! This blog makes no sense at all! It is an outlet for an insane person so she, hopefully, can get back a little tiny flicker of her sanity.

And yes, I’m doing it in English – cause it is about the musical I am allowed to make a contribution to.

This said, let’s get started… no, not now! As soon as possible. Just wanted to announce it.

What? You think it’s crazy? Well good on you! Finally! You get me!

Also, I decided to publish the recordings I got so far – so the whole musical – online here as soon as I get the green light from the writer. If you have never heard it… if you are one of those (very rare) people dying to have it… I advise you to follow this blog. You never know when it’s going “on air”!

Or maybe you are already as insane as I am? Are you dying to hear more insight stories on Lavinia? How did she ever manage to become a clog dancing star? What pair of shoes does Dana prefer? Is Harry still whining for Luisa? Has Jango plotted a new conspiracy to make the traveler’s life a living hell? Where is Captain Ron going to crash next?

See y’all later!

The girl with goat wool socks

GWGWS: “Hey, guys! I know which song to do next!”

Lavinia: “As long as I get to sing the lead…”

GWGWS: “Sure, Lavinia, I think that you will actually like it! A lot!”

Lavinia: “Well, finally, Luisa! It took you some time to realize that I am the actual singer here!”

Hello there!

You know? What most people do not get about our group? Yes, I am talking about the travelers…

You might think we are just a random group thrown together by fate… or Lily? Well, let me tell you. It my have started off like that. But we are taking care of each other! We listen to each other.

It may not seem like it… there are some people around that have heard the things we have done so far. But… we do love each other. And when there is “one of us” that is not well. We do take care of them!

We don’t need any background stories. We don’t need to know what we have been through individually… we are there for each other!

Don’t believe me?

Listen to this!


GWGWS: “Ok, here is a Christmas Song for all of you out there! What now? Did ya not know that I love Christmas? Well, now you do. Maggie is singing the lead!”

Lavinia: “Yeah! Ya did not want me…”

GWGWS: “Did you want to, Lavinia? I mean, you do sing the harmonies!”

Lavinia: “Whatever, Luisa! I know you don’t like me!”

GWGWS: “Anyways, guys! Have a merry Christmas! This is from all of us travelers just for you!”

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