The Goat Wool Socks of magic…

Day 6

03:17 p.m.

Wow… I am so lazy! Lazier even than all those past few days. I think that I’m just gonna put on my pyjama’s again and go back to bed. And for the hundreth or so time start with Terry Pratchett again.

I have read all my other books I don’t know how often – Terry has not been opend for like three years.

So I think that it’s a brilliant plan.

Maybe I’ll come back later to write some more. Maybe I’ll just fall asleep again? Who knows?


Take care,

The Girl with Goat Wool Socks

08:08 p.m.

Good morning,

Foto door Vinicius Benedit op

Fell aslep instead of reading. And just woke up again. Did the dishes. And now I’m craving a pizza…

What am I going to do this evening? I just don’t feel like anything… How many hours do I have left? Oh- right – I stopped counting down… Four more days… blblblblblblbl…

Do you know that feeling? You have aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll that time in the world, but just don’t feel like anything at all? I could play some games… bleh! Boring. Make music? No – to much of a hastle… Write some songs and do some mixing? Oh gee, no, no, just don’t wanna and still even more of a hastle… Movie? Again?

I could go bed to back again and sleep, but I kinda just woke up. Yet another movie? I finished watching the series…

Geez… I don’t even know what to write here…


Maybe I should order in some pizza? Can I? I gotta ask Johan if he could get some groceries for me tomorrow…

I hope that the dinosaurfemale is gone tomorrow. Groningen is an earhtquake area at the moment – concentrated to my house.

See y’all later!

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